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What is a Mirror Site?

A mirror site is simply a replica of the original site, which in our case is created by bookmakers to allow access to its customers in countries where the web address is obscured by local governments, because in most cases the bookmaker doesn't possess a so-called national license to operate in that specific country. Some bookmakers create the mirror sites to reduce web traffic and improve the availability of the original site, but in our case this is very rare situational. Of course, the mirror site is an official site, the only difference that we notice is the web address is different from the original. Mirror sites are in degrees to provide the same safety standards as the original site, being a copy of it, so using them is not cause for concern.

It's legal to use a mirror site?

Absolutely yes! As we mentioned earlier even mirror site is an official website, the simple access to Internet sites, even if online sports betting is not prohibited by law in any case.

When should I use a mirror site??

Usually the mirror site is used when the official address of the Web Site is not accessible due to censorship by the local government or is not available temporarily due to the high volume of traffic, especially during peak hours, which in some cases can prevent the opening of the page or slow down the loading of the same.

Where to find alternative links to a mirror site??

Rarely alternative links are provided by the bookmakers, they prefer that visitors always use the official website, so they can better monitor web traffic and general preferences of the bettors. If the bookmaker in question uses a livechat service you can ask for help from an online operator, otherwise you can send an email to support.

However, find a mirror site is not difficult, there are two different ways to do this online:

Via Google:

Using the most popular search engine you can find him using these words:

"Name Bookmaker + Site Mirror" or "Alternative Link + Bookmaker  Name".

- Example: Bet365 Mirror Sites or "Alternative Link Bet365 (1xbet, pinnacle, sbobet, etc..)"

Use specialized web sites like ours:

Our web site, the first ever devoted to this topic, it is exclusively specialized to provide alternative links to major online bookmakers, so it's a valid and reliable way to solve our problem! Our staff, is able to provide several alternative links of each single bookmaker and in many cases is able to suggest, based on the country of origin, a specific mirror site created specially for that nation!

How often is this site updated?

Our staff carries out checks each month to verify the accuracy and operation of the alternative links, we also own the privileged contacts with major bookmakers in order to obtain before any other competitor website the updated links.

Most of our betting links is automatically updated!

Mirror site or VPN software?

Both solutions solve our problem, but in a different way. Our advice is to use, if possible, the mirror site, without having to install  or purchase any software. If the bookmaker in question doesn't have any mirror site the solution to our problem is to install a VPN software, which allows you to surf anonymously, by changing your IP address, and so circumvent censorship in your country.

Mirror site or localized site?

Some bookmakers have decided to regulate their position within some states, buying a national license and creating a website dedicated exclusively to a country, therefore, they do not allow the opening of an account on the site .COM! In this case you have no choice ... or the localized website or anything, the mirror site will not help you!

We'll tell you if a bookmaker has a specific version for your country!

The most famous example is Bet365, which carries an automatic redirect in some countries! Over the years, Bet365 has obtained many local licenses and later created localized sites, (Bet365.com.au, Bet365.es, Bet365.it, etc ..) to allow residents in these nations (Australia, Spain, Italy , etc ..) to open an account to respect the laws of that country.

How to open an account at online bookmakers
► Be 18 years old
► To have a valid email address
► To have a valid identity documents
► To have a valid payment method system

► Visit bookmaker's site / mirror site
► Check if your country is supported
► Fill out the form in every part
► Make your first deposit to start betting
► And good luck!
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